Alice Hsin joined IFCE as an advisor

Release time:2014-11-10

Alice Hsin

Ms. Alice Hsin serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Linx Communications, Inc. Ms. Hsin serves as President of Hsin Investments, a Washington, DC-based investment company specializing in global technology-based companies in optical fiber communications, information technologies, secure web technology and biotechnology. As the founder of Integral Communications, Inc., a leading provider of telecommunication and IT services worldwide, she directed technology projects and provided strategic consulting to a range of government agencies including the Department of Treasury, Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, U.S. Postal Service and to the secure web and system integration industries. She is one of the foremost recognized experts in the post divestiture telecommunications industry in the areas of integrated telecommunications systems, services and applications. Additionally, she has worked extensively with various PTTs in Japan, United Kingdom, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China and other countries.

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