IFCE submitted policy recommendations to Chinese Government [May, 2010]

Release time:2014-11-22

Recommendations for strengthening tiger trade ban

Ge Rui on behalf of IFAW Asia

He Ping, president of the International Foundation for China's environment

Strict implementation of the State Forestry Administration of the State Council ban on trade in tiger bones, close to the tiger trade for the purpose of tiger farms. At the same time, ordered all farms, safari stop commercial trade of animal products for the purpose of breeding, to prevent companies Yanghuweihuan, the "riding a tiger" dilemma onto nation and threaten national interests.

Split functional departments of wildlife conservation, regulatory and administrative approvals and licensing functions of the management and utilization of wildlife, which will not only help to improve the professional level of the government in power, can also reduce the risk of corruption and corruption breeds duties.

In the forestry sector to form an independent investigation team to investigate the interests of the State Forestry Administration Wildlife Protection Division individual officials in collusion with raising Tiger Field.

Would prohibit the use of endangered wildlife in traditional Chinese medicine administrative regulations included in the wildlife protection laws.

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