The Announcement of IFCE New Logo Design Contest

Release time:2017-05-17

The Announcement of IFCE New Logo Design Contest


            As an internationally recognized and influential organization, after two decades International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE) is now seeking a new logo design and hereby to announce a logo design contest.


            The new logo design contest begins on May 18th, 2017 and lasts for a month. The contest is open for all and any interested designers can email their designs to dekedun@ifce.org before June 18th, 2017. The final winner will receive $500 as reward and a certificate that shows the final winner’s design is accepted.


            The current logo has two version, both of them contain a geological map of People’s Republic of China, an earth and letters of IFCE. The new logo design should be coherent with IFCE’s mission. Information about IFCE can be found at http://ifce.org/about?cid=18.






                  Thank you for participation!


Deke Dun

Environmental Programs Specialist

May 17th, 2017

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