IFCE 2017 “The Green Future Leadership Training Camp” Held in Washington, DC

Release time:2017-10-11

On August 15th, 2017, the International Fund for China's Environment successfully held the “Green Future Leadership Training Camp” in Washington, DC. Students attending the camp included Ms. Shanbei Jiang, a famous Chinese singer and board member of the IFCE, Siluo Chen from Sun Yat-sen University, Yalan Gan from Peking University, Jing Zhao from Nanjing University and Yupeng Wu from China International Engineering Consulting Corporation. Staff and interns from the IFCE also participated in the training camp.

The “Green Future Leadership Training Camp” is hosted by the International Fund for China's Environment, co-organized by the College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Nankai University, Xi'an Peihua University, and Peking University’s International Communication Association, and supported by the SBCVC (Softbank China Venture Capital). The training camp is targeted at current senior college students, graduate students, and working staff who have professional experience in the environmental and green development fields, strong leadership and organizational skills, and proficiency in English communication. The main goals of the program are learning about green innovations, improving leadership and organizational skills, getting involved and familiarized with US environmental energy and green institutions, connecting with experts in the field for industry insights, all while studying the history and current conditions of US sustainable development. Participants have the opportunity to engage in conversations about sustainable development, environmental energy and other related topics with Ivy League scholars and United Nations environmental experts. Students can thus create social networks and expand their educational horizons. Aiming to cultivate China's future green leaders, the "Future Green Youth Leadership" training camp is truly the cradle of China's next generation of environmental elites.

Mr. Samuel Mok shared his personal definitions of and paths to success

For the 2017 program, a number of experts from Washington, DC were invited by the training camp to share their methods of success and leadership skills. Mr. Samuel Mok, the managing member of Condor International Advisors, LLC and the former Chief Financial Officer in the US Department of Labor, shared his personal definitions of and paths to success with the participants on the first day of the training camp. On the following day, Diane MacEachern, the founder of the Big Green Purse, delivered a remarkable speech about how to start a green business. Michael Maccoby, a Harvard University professor emeritus and specialist in wise leadership, provided a dynamic leadership lesson to all members. Mr. Kevin Hinman, a trainer with years of experience in Human Resource management, held a lecture and discussion on effective team management. On the environmental technology aspects, Dr. Ming Yang, the Senior Climate Change Specialist of the Global Environment Facility, discussed the current energy and climate issues in the world with the group, and covered the Chinese environmental policies and technologies in recent years. Additionally, IFCE President Dr. He Ping spoke about the development and growth of nonprofit organizations based on the IFCE development processes. All speakers and activities during the training camp also emphasized leadership development and the benefits of teamwork.

visiting WWF headquarter

On the last day of the Washington, DC phase of the program, David Yardman from Capital Bank and participants of the program discussed issues related to financial management and the importance of personal financial management in starting up a business.

After the training camp, the participants visited the United Nations headquarters in New York. They met Henry MacDonald, Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname to the United Nations, and visited the United Nations Security Council venue. The participants also visited Columbia University in New York City and other famous attractions in the afternoon under the guidance of the IFCE staff before ending the New York phase.

Discussion with Dr. Ming Yang

The participants next traveled to the city of New Haven, Connecticut. They visited Yale University and met Dr. Yajie Song and Dr. Gordon Geballe, the Vice President of the College of Forests and Environment. The group visited the Global Institute on Environment for Sustainable Development (GIESD 积世德), founded by Yale University and affiliated with Dr. Song. The GIESD has played a significant role in ecological and environmental innovation and educational practice training in China for decades. There, the group learned about the university’s latest research achievements in the field of resources and the environment.

Tarining camp met Henry MacDonald, Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname to the United Nations, and visited the United Nations Security Council venue.

In addition to these lectures, meetings and discussions, the participants of the training camp also visited the Verizon School, the headquarters of the Earth Day Network, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the World Bank, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the headquarters of the world’s largest conservation organization, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) US. These activities allowed the participants to return to China with a taste of world-class training from the most authoritative experts and knowledge of cutting edge green development.

As a result of the program, the leadership and networking skills of the 2017 IFCE Future Green Leaders were greatly improved and as they continue to grow, they will join China’s next generation of green leaders.

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