IFCE News in China [ 2017 - 2018 ]

Release time:2018-06-21

The Second Council of International Fund for China’s Environment is held in Beijing 2017

Dr. Pinghe: Dehumidification is the Cause and Catalyst of Smog. It Should Be Stop Immediately.

Liao Qian Qian Sang For IFCE’s 20 years Anniversary Concert

Forum of the Smog Issue in China is held in U.S

IFCE Expert Proposed New Treatment for the Smog Issue in China After the Research in Xuzhou

IFCE is Conducting Environmental Research in Xuzhou

2017.6.10 IFCE CEO Dr. Ping He was Invited to Baltimore for Washington Technology Forum with Visiting Representatives Team from China

IFCE Signs Contract with Xiangtan City  for Technolonology Exchange

IFCE CEO Dr. Pinghe visited Xian Peihua College

Famous Singer Jiang is Present at IFCE Council

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