IFCE organized a heavy metal pollution control tech mission to China from Jun.20-25, 2011

Release time:2014-11-24

With support from Yonker Research Institute, IFCE organized a heavy metal pollution control tech mission to China from June 20-25, 2011.

The delegation includes-

Dr. Ping He, IFCE

Mr. Miles Bolton, Apex Director

Mr. Jay Borkland, Apex Director

Dr. Su Ge, Kelan Star President

Ms. Jie Liu, Apex engineer

The delegation visited Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, National Development and Reforming Commission (NDRC), Ministry of Environmental Protection in Beijing. In NDRC, Mr. Xie Zhenhua, the vice chairman, introduced the latest progress in heavy metal control in China. He expressed welcome to US tech professionals to participate relevant projects, esp. in Hunan.

The delegation then visited Zhuzhou, Hunan, a city troubled by heavy metal pollution for years. They met officials and professionals and introduced latest tech /methods in soil remediation and ports clean-up. The delegation also visited polluted sites and discussed possible cooperation. In next five years, Chinese gov. will invest nearly 60 billion RMB to clean up polluted lands, soil, and water in Hunan. A good opportunity for US tech firms in this field.

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