Contest Announcement

Release time:2016-02-14

Announcement on
1st Global Forum on China’s Urban Pollution Control,
11th Washington DC Innovation, Entrepreneurship and
Investment Forum, and
2nd U.S. Eastern Entrepreneurship Contest
April 15-16, 2016

Washington DC, USA

International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE)
Center for US-China Technology, Innovation & Development (UCTID)

With China’s increasingly serious smog problem, the International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE) and the Center for US-China Technology, Innovation and Development (UCTID) are planning to host the 1st Global Forum on China’s Urban Air Pollution Control in Washington D.C. on April 15, 2016, with supports of the leading institutions from the United States, China and Europe. The forum will bring together government officials from three regions,top technical experts, innovative entrepreneurs, and leading representatives of civil and international institutions. The forum will discuss about the status quo of China’s smog mitigation,share successful experience, demonstrate best practices, promote innovative technology, and
search for new model of international collaboration. The forum will provide important and timely international support to China’s efforts controlling urban air pollution. We welcome Chinese and international government officials, technical experts, entrepreneurs, and concerned professionals to join the forum.

In the meantime, IFCE and UCTID are going to host the 11th Washington DC Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment Forum, and 2nd U.S. Eastern Entrepreneurship Contest in the afternoon of April 16. After the success of last year’s 10th Washington DC Innovation,Entrepreneurship and Investment Forum, and the 1st U.S Eastern Entrepreneurship Contest, this year will continue to display innovative technologies and established projects of Seeding
Company in North America, particularly in the eastern U.S. region. The research, development and marketization of these technologies will bring huge commercial profits to entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, it will also help advance technologies, boost the economy and US-China Announcement on 1st Global Forum on China’s Urban Pollution Control,
11th Washington DC Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment Forum, and 2nd U.S. Eastern Entrepreneurship Contest
April 15-16, 2016 Washington DC, USA cooperation, and further benefit the society. The contest is strongly supported and/or sponsored by the eastern U.S. and western U.S. branch of Tsinghua Entrepreneur & Executive Club (TEEC), TEEC Angel Fund (TAF), and the Summit Capital, LLC. It will promote US-China technology cooperation and strengthen links between eastern U.S. start-ups, venture capitals and the Chinese market.

Preliminary Agenda

Preliminary Agenda April 15: Global Forum on China’s Air Pollution Control


9am - 10am        Opening Ceremony 

10:15am - 12pm Plenary Session 

                          1) Challenges of China’s urban air pollution 

                          2) Experience from USA 

                          3) Experience from Europe 

12pm - 1pm        Lunch

1pm - 2pm Keynote Speech ( will invite renowned international leaders in the field of environment and sustainable                             development to deliver speeches) 

2pm - 5pm Thematic Presentations and Discussions:
                  Theme 1: Best Practices in Urban Air Pollution Control (policy and management)
                  Theme 2: Innovative Technology on Smog Mitigation 5pm-7pm Cocktail Reception

5pm-7pm     Cocktail Reception

April 16: 11th Washington DC Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment Forum, and 2nd U.S. Eastern Entrepreneurship Contest

Join the cherry blossom festival parade and folk festival’s activities with conference

1pm-3pm Keynote Speech: Industry and Technology Trends, Business and Investment Opportunities

3pm-6pm   10 Final Teams’ Presentations 

6pm-8pm   VIP’s Speech and Awards Dinner

• City Officials from US, China, and Europe
• Air Pollution Control Technical Experts
• Environmental Entrepreneurs and Representatives of Investment Institutions
• Representatives of the US Congress, State and Local Governments
• Senior Researcher of Think Tanks and Research Institutions
• Leaders of Non-profit Organizations
• Representatives of Multilateral Investment Institutions
• Innovative professionals
• U.S. and Chinese Business Incubators, Environment and Low Carbon Industrial Parks

Conference Scale: 350 people
For conference registration, inquires, arrangement on off-meeting technical site visit activities
(Low Carbon Leadership Training tour and Innovation Leadership Training), and other business
investigation or trainings, please contact:
Global Forum on China’s Air Pollution Control, Tian Peng Email: tianpeng@ifce.org (+1)
Entrepreneurship Contest and Investment Forum, Yoyo Cui the. wiec@gmail.com
Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Juan Li (86-158-1005-0949)
IFCE Website: www.ifce.org
UCTID and Contest Website: www.uctid.ttyun.net

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